What Is the Easiest Way to Get Rid of Rats?

You do not need anyone to teach you about the harmful effects of any rodent living in your house. They not only destruct your household items, from cutting out a hole in the wall, destructing your furniture, to tearing apart your essential papers, books, and clothes. But they are also a massive threat to your and your family’s health. They carry several diseases and bite around lakhs of people a year around the globe. If you doubt there is a rodent manifestation in your place, you must call rat control Brisbane or try out some home remedies yourself.

Confirm It is A Rat Infestation

Before you call any rat control specialist Brisbane or try out the popular home remedies to get rid of rodent invasion, you need to confirm it. Rats are quite big, but the issue is that you will not see them very often. You may see some sign of their presence, that is, the rat or rats themselves. Or, you can confirm it is a rodent invasion by seeing some telltale signs. Here are some symptoms that you can look for to confirm a rat infestation at your place –  

  • You can look for chew marks on your wall or wood. This is because rats have a habit of the gnawing that keeps their teeth sharp.
  • Look for droppings around places where you keep your food.
  • Watch out for grease marks on walls and dashboards. Rodents follow the same path hence leave behind these grease marks.
  • Check your yard for any holes as rodents tend to stay close to the nest.

Try Out These Home Remedies to Get Rid Rats

Confirmed that you have a rodent invasion at your place? Well, now it is time to take the necessary action to get rid of them. But, before you call the best rat control near me, you must try out some simple and cost-effective home remedies to get a rodent-free house. If none of these work out, you can feel free to call a rodent control of your choice –

Peppermint Oil

One of the many things that these little troublemakers do not like is the smell of peppermint. Put some peppermint oil in small cotton balls of small shapes and put them at the entry point of the rodent’s suspected abode. You can place them at other corners around the house. Keep repeating this process for a few days and wait for a result.


It is not just us humans but rats to hate the smell of onions. Cut the onions into two or more hubs and place them in front of the rats’ holes or probable home. Be careful of keeping your pets and toddlers away from onions lying on the floor. You would have to replace the onions after every two days as they rot quickly.

Spicy Hot Chilly Flakes

If you are looking for the most cost-efficient ways of getting rid of rodents from your house, then you must try out sprinkling pepper. You can start with grinding some hot pepper into a powdered version, spread it along the hole, and the paths the rats come in or go out. This is sure to act far better than any 24-hour rat control near me.


Many are aware of this rodent control. But, in case you are not one of them, you can now learn how you can use ammonia to keep away rats. Put some ammonia in tiny bowls and place it where you mostly see the rats or their droppings. This will help to get rid of the rats as they are known to hate strong smells.


Another most inexpensive rat control home remedy is using garlic. You can mix some chopped garlic in the water, like other home remedies; you would have to keep it along the paths the rodents follow the most or at the entry point of holes that you suspect to be their abode.

These home remedies will surely work out for you. If it does not, you can always call mice removal near me and ask them to clear your place off the rats.