Pump up your living room with colors

We never knew how colors can pump our house. Plain walls can be decorated with color paints which could match our furniture. Even a simple combination of hues can make significant changes in the outlook of our house.

Decorations are important but, correct colors from the wheel can turn up the tables in our house. There are though some lists to remember creatively.

  1. A palette to remember

Palette colors can make our living room look clean and tidy. This color is perfect for those living alone. This is for the reason that palette is easy to attain dirt which is hard to prevent when we have kids or naughty pets around the house.

A good color combination with palette colors is plain white or black. These two colors can make the palette colors to be more attractive in eyesight. You may choose palette colors in your sofa, sofa pillowcases, made-to-measure curtains, minimalist designs, or you may likewise paint your living room walls in palette texture.

  1. Bright chandelier

Chandeliers do not only allow light to shimmer but also the house. It is often placed in the living room to serve as the attraction. Chandeliers may be expensive to buy, but you can always choose different materials.

When choosing a bright chandelier, you may use different colors of the bulb in it. Choose yellowish color bulbs or lights if you want a scenic post in the living room. Or, you may choose the blue or green bulbs which may accent your sofa or TV rack.

  1. Colorful curtains

Curtains give an extra shimmer in an area. It allows a limited or full view of sunlight rays to enter the house. Besides, different designs of curtains can also affect the shapes of each window. On some websites, you can ask for made-to-measure curtains that can be delivered just around your home. You can always catch your visitor’s catch attention with these handmade curtains.

Curtains can always be bought in department stores. However, you may invent some tricks to complement your furniture. You may choose made-to-measure curtains which can allow you to personalize your living room style. Made-to-measure curtains can be done even without a tailor fix. You can order them on some websites which offer great deals for made-to-measure curtains.

  1. Abstract art

Arts can give a significant impression to the personality of the homeowner. You can choose painting as the most detailed part of art. However, art expression comes in different shapes and meanings.

You can give a verdict on your artistic expression through its colors. You may choose abstract portraits from painted artifacts or printed wallpapers. Minimalist designs can also give an eye-catching effect on your living room. The usual colors of these designs can be from the palette or matte hues. With abstract art, you can be playful of your imagination to achieve the perfect color combination.

  1. Animated carpet

The floors that are often made from wood or textile can take a decade or years before it needs for renovation. As part of innovation, we can accent floors with animated printed carpet. Just like made-to-measure curtains, we can also make a personalized carpet design. Different designs are available on some online platforms or you can choose to make a DIY instead. Besides the warm comfort it offers on our feet, carpet can make the living room organized.

Carpets are usually made from wool, silk, or cotton. It has various colors but what much works for common designs are animal prints which are in brown, black, or blue colors. This kind of carpet is to look forward to since it can make the living room extra special. Those colors can be easily accented in wooden material furniture.


A homey atmosphere can be easily attained when colors complement each other. A group material to consider is made to measure curtains, printed or animated carpets, and a bright working chandelier. Even our art expression can emit a thousand colors.

There’s a lot to learn with the color combination. You may check on magazines or home-style websites where you can make color combinations for yourself. With full aspiration, we always hope that things will work out in order when we decide what works best for your style.