How to Rework a Kitchen area Counter | Household Guides

Old kitchen countertops are inclined to drag down the overall look of an total kitchen. Give your kitchen area a decorating boost by transforming your counters. Look through as a result of decorating publications and tear out inspirational photographs for your new kitchen countertops. Take into account counters that enhance your kitchen’s current coloration palette and furnishings. Come to a decision whether you have the time, need and know-how to do the do the job you. Obtain at minimum two estimates from professional contractors if you decide to seek the services of out the venture, and set a funds for your kitchen-counter rework.


Portray more than laminate counters is a price range-helpful rework that can be concluded in a handful of days. You can refresh your countertops with a solid paint color or use specialty paints to mimic the glimpse of normal granite. It’s important to completely clear, primary and sand counters in advance of making use of paint. Paint rollers function nicely for stable-shade paint protection, though additional levels of textured spray paint arerequired to produce the visual appeal of organic granite. Guarding painted counters with various skinny coats of obvious polyurethane aids retain your counter’s new search.

Granite and Other Pure Stone

Even nevertheless organic granite is very dear, it ranks as a single of the favored supplies for use as a kitchen countertop. There is no comparison when you want a modern, sophisticated, pure stone that’s sturdy and quickly accessible. No two items of natural granite are alike, creating your granite counter one of a variety. Black, brown, gold and white are granite hues usually picked for a neutral shade palette. Marble, soapstone and limestone give alternative pure stone options for reworking counters. Mainly because stone is extremely large and set up can be challenging, it can be commonly not a do-it-yourself job. Tiling a countertop with huge stone tiles has Do-it-yourself likely, even though.


Laminate countertops are accessible in a huge assortment of shades, patterns and finishes to complement any kitchen decor. There are laminate counter tops designed to mimic the seem of purely natural stone, bamboo and wooden. Laminate is durable, attractive and funds-friendly. It also resists dampness and stains and can be mounted directly around outdated laminate counter tops.


Eco-welcoming countertops have at minimum 1 of the next attributes: They’re produced from recycled or sustainable supplies, they are developed in an earth-welcoming fashion, or they are made working with a reduced-toxicity binder. Recycled paper counter tops may perhaps seem wimpy but basically are exceptionally hard when the paper is blended with a resin binder. Reclaimed wood counter tops might add allure and character to your kitchen. Recycled glass is a different eco-pleasant option that is hard and desirable, but it can be a little bit dear.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is an cost-effective option for remodeling a kitchen area countertop. It is heat resistant, available in a assortment of colours and styles and is rather easy to install. Ceramic tile, nevertheless, has a small effects resistance and is inclined to chipping and cracking. Also, grout discoloration from spilled drinks and foodstuff can make the tile repairs labor intensive, requiring typical cleanings or programs of new grout. Teas, coffees, dark-colored juice drinks, contemporary cherries and cranberries are notably inclined to producing unattractive grout stains. Ceramic tile counter tops are not encouraged for family members with compact youngsters.


Concrete offers an industrial-design glance for kitchen countertops. Loft apartments, as well as houses adorned in minimalist design, can integrate concrete countertops to increase their present decor. You can create a one particular-of-a-variety concrete countertop by adding vibrant tints or stamping textured styles into the concrete. Mixing other materials with the concrete, this kind of as stone chips or items of recycled glass adds supplemental texture. The draw back of concrete counter tops is their tendency to scratch and chip simply. These countertops aren’t stain resistant and can also establish hairline cracks.